• DJ7TH The Pluto is handeling the communication via USB with an ethernet this is the reason you simply can put an USB to ethernet adapter in between and access the Pluto through the lan..:thumbup:

  • Heiner, many thanks for your info. I hope I would get my Pluto-Board next week and can start with it. Tomorrow I will try to mount next to the TV-LNB another LBN for the QO-100 and align both accordingly. As Rx I will use an RTL stick with an integrated broadband amplifier.

  • Hallo,

    who can tell me, how to configure the config.txt of the Adalm Pluto for direct IP-Connection. It works well with DHCP. Adding the IP, assinged from the router, to the SDR Console, all is fine. But I don't get it running with direct Ethernet-Connection. There are more than one IP-Definitions in the "config.txt". Editing the config and eject the Pluto-drive to save the config is ok. No matter, if the host is assinged to the same subdomain.

    By the way, I found the board was very sensitive against any kind of em-interference. Mounting it on PCB and grounding the connectors to ground, it seems like the effect is reduced. The fan is connected to D3, closed to the power input. 73s

  • Hallo,

    the problem is fixed with a friends help. Thanks to him.
    Pluto works together with a standalone PC without a router.
    This is the only change in the config. txt.


    ipaddr_eth =

    netmask_eth =

    The IP is just an example. Assign a fixed IP in the host with the same subdomain and subnetmask.

    Additional type Pluto's IP in the standard gateway mask.


  • Meanwhile, my Pluto board has arrived. I put it together with my older USB synthesizer in an alu-box and mounted all parts on a board in European format 100x160mm (see pictures). The 40MHz quartz I left in the Pluto board and split the clock line to the AD9363. The more stable 40MHz clock signal from the USB-synti I have fed with a thin coaxial cable directly via C123 into the AD9363 clock input. A test on various frequencies showed a sufficiently good stability in SSB operation.

    However, I had found that my HP PC delivers an "unclean" USB signal, which produced a slightly pulsed modulation of the transmission signal. I connected the Pluto board to my ASUS laptop and this effect was not detectable.

    The next step is the completion of the driver and the 2,4GHZ PA together with my old ATV antennas.